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The Pastry Mermaid


Le Cordon Bleu Chef de Patisserie

Gina Johnson

No matter the occasion, let your desserts dazzle your guests. Delight your loved ones with delicious creations that will be the centerpiece of memories for years to come.

Taste is integral to memory - it is one of the most important facets of your day, whether it's a casual dinner with your friends, a wedding or a gala event.

In literature and fine art, writers and painters memorialize crisp pastries, luscious fruits, tables groaning under the weight of cakes and petites bouchées. In Remembrance of Things Past, Marcel Proust wrote of a man who, while enjoying a light and airy madeleine dipped in tea and was immediately carried back through his memory.

Artists and poets know – this relationship between memories and the palate is no imaginative theory. There's a proven link between taste buds and memories.

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